A few years ago, Google launched an Application for the chat lovers. The App included the video chat support. Google named it “DUO”. Google DUO is a video chat mobile application specialized for Android OS. Google propelled this app in a conference in 2016. So, it means it is being 3 years, approximately since the app is touching the lead. It has also been assured that Google DUO is highly liked by the Android users. The app also has an iOS version.

So what is the fuss about? Actually, Google has confirmed that the application will be getting major changes in 2018. It obviously will get the maximum best feature Google could offer this year. It seems like 2018 is a lucky year for the Android lovers.

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Anyway, Justin Uberti is the lead engineer of Google DUO. He confirmed that the new features will hit Google Duo in 2018. He revealed that the smart displays in Video calls are coming soon.

Google DUO will get major new features in 2018

On the other hand, one of his fans just replied to the tweet of his and confirmed which kind of features Duo will be getting, and he actually revealed it.

Google DUO will get major new features in 2018

It means that there is a huge chance that the Chrome OS will also support the video calling with DUO. It can increase the popularity of the app.