JetBlue's Airbus A320 has another look — and keeping in mind that it's not conspicuous or super renegade, travelers ought to welcome some overhauled highlights with better seats and more in-flight tech choices.

JetBlue's first restyled plane went into benefit Wednesday on a flight from Boston to Bermuda. That flight saw a portion of the new highlights that will, in the long run, make it onto the flying machines in the coming years. In the seating division JetBlue's rolling out these and more improvements:

  • wider seats at 18 inches
  • cushier cushions
  • adjustable headrests
  • contoured seat backs
  • two plugs on every seat

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On the excitement side JetBlue's including 10-inch HD screens with 100 stations of live TV, more on-request films and TV shows, and something it calls "another gaming highlight." Even something commonplace like the flight outline a 3D invigorate. Right now the TVs are 5 creeps with 36 channels.

This is the primary enormous lodge upgrade since the carrier propelled in 2000. The upgrade comes at once where explorers expect nothing while at the same time flying — legroom space continues contracting, seats don't lean back, and a few aircraft need to include standing seats.

The new insides will bite by bite supplant JetBlue's more established plane lodges. This is what the planes look like now before the new dividers, containers, lighting, washrooms, kitchens, seats, and amusement frameworks come in:

Throughout the following nine months, 12 planes will get the primary period of the overhaul with new seats and stimulation alternatives. In 2019, more changes will come in like the extended stimulation highlights. In the long run, (JetBlue says it's a three-year venture) the whole line of A320s will don another look.

It's subtle, however in the event that flying can get even a touch more agreeable, there's no requirement for a splashy redesign.