It has been a long time since Google has launched a messaging app for Android OS. Google named the app as “Allo”. The Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google, specialized for Android OS and iOS mobile operating system, with a web client available on Google Chrome.

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An organization would never want to leave the old experienced worker of the company. They won’t let the best go from their hands. But, still, it is bad news for Google that Amit Fulay left the organization. Amit Fulay, who was Head of Product for Real-Time Communications at Google, has left the organization. Fulay reported the improvement on Twitter, uncovering he has joined Facebook.

Allo Duo Resigned from Google, to Join Facebook

As a major aspect of his part at Google, Fulay leads a few item groups, including Allo, Duo, and WebRTC. He has been very dynamic on Twitter, particularly when it came to declaring new highlights and tolerating input identified with Allo/Duo applications. But, on the other hand, it is time for us to congratulate him about his new job at Facebook.

There's as of now no data on precisely what part he'll be playing at Facebook and who'll be supplanting him at Google, yet we hope to hear more on those fronts in not so distant future. The only thing we can do is Say Good Luck to Amit Fulay.