Obviously, not, in any case, all the cutesy indie dates on the planet could protect IKEA from the developing danger of e-commerce.

On Tuesday, the Tennessean detailed that Ikea had nixed its intends to open a superstore in Nashville. The choice clearly was because of Ikea's longing to "line up with current internet shopping patterns," and not the Nashville economy.

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Ikea likewise has designs in progress for new stores in Georgia, Colorado, California and, Texas, as indicated by the Tennessean has contacted Ikea to ask whether it has changed its anticipates any of these new improvements and will refresh this story when and in the event that we hear back.

The Department of Commerce announced that E-commerce deals expanded 16 percent in 2017. Online deals additionally remove a greater piece from retail deals all in all quarter after quarter. Right now, online deals include about 10 percent of all retail. Projections put that number at 14 percent by 2021.

A year ago, Ikea gave its in-store route application a "facelift. The organization's 2017 speculator report depicts the application as "an extension amongst on the web and in-store understanding." The application is planned to enable clients to spare time while exploring the labyrinth-like store. That, alongside Ikea's 2017 procurement of TaskRabbit, demonstrates that it knows about its incidental rep as a disappointing time-suck.

In the previous year, Ikea revealed that it "kept on taking off online business and became our multichannel dispersion organize." While it had 817 million visits to Ikea stores, it got 2.1 billion visits to IKEA.com. For those of you following along, that is more than twofold the e-visits.

IKEA stores presumably aren't going anyplace. In any case, it appears like the organization is beginning to see that a few people may favor having an extensive, substantial household item conveyed to their front entryways, instead of chasing it down in a huge distribution center.