Among all the huge organizations, it is a duty to calculate the business income every year. They probably use their time at the end of the year to count the revenue generated in that year. Almost all the organization gives an outcome as a report. Just a few days earlier, Samsung revealed his Q4 report. And now, HTC has revealed some of the info about the report.

HTC doesn’t look encouraging after the calculations and report announcements. Well, HTC December 2017, income sank 15.3%, while the fall on a yearly premise was much greater - 27%. The united pay of NT$3.403 billion (or $116.12 million) denoted a six-month low for the Taiwanese organization. HTC seems to be facing a tough time.

Samsung added a new Feature on S9/S9+

Anyway, nobody knows the reason for the bad results. There are several rumors about the performance and different things. But, what we know as the experts say brought down Pixel 2 deals and HTC U11 Eyes dispatch mid-January hurt the business execution. In February, Vive Pro and the independent headset Vive Focus VR will be accessible, but since of lessened work days amid Lunar New Year, deals are relied upon to stay same. It is obvious that the rating and popularity will be affected in the Lunar New Year holidays.

Obviously, as per the reports, we all knew that the HTC was not getting much traffic on their devices. We already knew that something worse was going to happen. HTC's falling incomes won't be a shock, but rather the Taiwanese organization concluded a $1.1 billion to Google for its licenses and its Pixel group. This should end the ten sequential quarterly misfortune streak once the Q1 2018 money-related outcomes are distributed. We can’t assure what will happen next, but let’s just hope that the HTC will get back to the list of the popular manufacturers of the smartphones.

Hopefully, we will announce more about it, and HTC’s future. If you are looking for it, Stay tuned with us.