Merriam Webster employs

Merriam-Webster Employs Apple Buyers as ‘SHEEPLE’

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Merriam-Webster characterizes its new term, “sheeple,” for the people are easily affected

It is certain sufficient numbers of groups of public meet the criteria as said “sheeple.” For instance, I am easily affected by any store selling doughnuts, and I’m definite several people are like me. But the dictionary selected Apple lovers as its psychological representation.

Here’s their example:

Merriam Webster employs

Apple’s introduced a battery casing for a very expensive iPhone – an clumsy uneven casing the sheeple will gladly pay $99 for.

You are holder of an iPhone with a battery casing of $100 price. Then you fulfill the requirement of word to the dictionary.

Possibly it’s not the huge achievement, but please take comfort in knowing we are all sheeple in our daily life.

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