Nokia doesn’t support Project Treble

Android Oreo is the latest Operating system in androids. All the manufacturers are trying to launch Oreo operating system, and Oreo updates as soon as possible. Oreo supports several fabulous features, which old Android operating systems cannot support. Project Treble is one of those features.

Project Treble is a feature that attempts to address slow Android update schedules by allowing manufacturers to push out Google's most recent OS without having to wait on their chip partner, like Qualcomm, to support it. Project Treble is an amazing feature, but it will only be supported by the Oreo OS.

The Smart-Phone has to be launched with an Oreo OS to support a project treble. Even the phones which have already been updated to Oreo will not get treble. It needs several settings to support Treble.

Nokia has promised about the fast updates of the smart-phones, but it turns out that Nokia still can’t surpass the Pixels. The reason for Pixels speed is, Pixel supports Project Treble. The deal is, all current Nokia models will not get Project Treble. The original Pixels already got Treble, but some of the other Essential-Phones also got Treble as well like, Honor 9 and Honor 8 Pro. Even OnePlus is passing on Treble as well.

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It seems that Treble requires a special partitioning of the internal storage that can’t be done over the air. People would be thinking, How come they need a Treble in their Smart-Phone? Well, it will be easier for the manufacturers to make an update for the phone, and launch it at the right time. Even, if the manufacturers do not launch an update, the custom ROM will become a breeze.

Project Treble will be the best feature of Oreo. It will take all the latest phones to the next level. It is just a bad news for the Nokia users, that the Nokia will not get a Project Treble. Still, Juho Sarvikas says, there is no end-user impact. Just means that we do a bit more heavy lifting on engineering to keep you Pure, Secure and Up-to-Date.