It has been 3 months since OnePlus 5T launched. OnePlus has taken the lead against several manufacturers of smart-phones. That was unexpected for OnePlus to take the lead this early as it actually took. OnePlus has performed even better than other smart-phone manufacturers. People are taking interest in this series. Well, OnePlus 5T is the most popular phone in this series.

The phone was launched in the midnight black shade. According to the early reports, people were sure about the launch of Lava Red and Sandstone white color of OnePlus 5T. The supporters were anxiously waiting for the launch of both colors.

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Earlier reports mentioned that the Lava Red shade of the phone will be launched on 26 January. But, again, it was rumored that the Lava Red shade of the phone will be launched on 23 January. It was complicated to guess the right date for the launch. But, now, Amazon the most popular online retail store has announced the launching date of the phone.

According to Amazon report, the phone will go on sale on Amazon in India on 20th January. The Lava Red variant of the phone will cost INR 37,999; it means it will cost approximately $595. Anyway, it means that the phone will be launched in India first, and then it will go out globally later.

It is also expected that the sandstone white shade of the phone will be launched within a few weeks. We can wait for that, or we can go for the red one. The Lava Red is quite a look in this phone of OnePlus. The Choice is yours, Go for it.