December Updates were not launched by any phone until now. 2017 is on its end, and manufacturers didn’t even upload a security patch for the models. By now, Google was working on this update.

Google has quite recently begun conveying the December security refresh for the Nexus and Pixel gadgets that it supports straightforwardly, yet Samsung needs to rapidly get in on that action as well. Samsung is the Number 1 Smart-Phones company right now. This time, Samsung got the first chance to upload this update to its phone. Shockingly, the Korean organization's first handset to get the most recent patches isn't the S8 or the Note8. Rather, for the third time consecutively, Samsung has picked the mid-extend (and very old by portable world gauges) Galaxy A5 (2016) for that part.

The December update is as of now out for this gadget in the Netherlands - on the off chance that you purchased yours opened and Unbranded set. It should advance toward extra nations inside the following couple of days.

On the other hand, if you have an A5 (2016) and got the refresh warning, expect a 196MB download. Subsequent to introducing the new programming, you'll be on construct A510FXXU4CQL1 and the December 1 security fix level. Samsung says you will see enhanced charging solidness as well, and also better performance.

There's clearly been an issue with Wi-Fi associations in this model as far back as the October security refresh. In case you're influencing your Smart-Phone regularly won't have any desire to interface with a Wi-Fi organize because of a check mistake. Lamentably it's as yet indistinct if this bug has at last been tended to with the December refresh.

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Samsung has launched this update for A5 (2016). All of us will be getting this update on our phone as soon as possible. Probably, it should not take more than 2 to 3 working days. This security update fixes the Wi-Fi issues of A5 as well. This is why; I am looking forward to downloading this as soon as possible. It is hard to wait anymore.