It has been swag to comment, or message with the smiley faces since the cell phone has changed to smartphones. Most of us, including my text or email with any kind of an Emoji. I don’t feel nice messaging someone without an Emoji. Obviously, there are thousands of people same as me. They would have the same habit.

Well, here we bring an update for them. The Unicode Consortium has reported Emoji 11, the most recent update to the emoticon set that succeeds Emoji 5 (we don’t know anything about Emoji 6 - 11), with a shocking 157 new emoticon. An enormous bundle of these are simply racial and gendered varieties of existing emoticon yet there are some intriguing new plans in there. Probably, they would be launching all the required Emoji’s now.

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On the other hand, we don’t know how good the update is, but the Unicode set just gives the depiction and we should hold up till organizations like Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and so on discharge their updates of it, for the time being, the general population at Emojipedia have thought of their own plans that take after the general outline dialect of the Apple emoticon set. Obviously, the new emoticon set will take the lead, but until then we will have to wait for the update.

Well, there is a question what would happen in the new emoticon set. Let me tell you, it will surely provide you the detailed emoticons, even some that you wouldn’t know what that called, but you will enjoy the concept of that. It will explain most of the feelings of the people. It will even include 157 new emoticons to that of Emoji 5.

If you want to know, when will it be available for you? Stay tuned with us. It will probably take a few more months. It should be there for your smartphone before the end of this year.